In addition to picking your outfit for the day, it is very crucial to pick up the right kind of jewellery, especially rings for the occasion. Many of the times, the most austere style is the one that looks just perfect. Whether you’re a working woman or a homemaker, you don’t want to overdo with the rings because let’s admit, they can be overwhelming at times.


We’ve plethora options today which is why it becomes extremely important to choose the right piece. When looking to dress your casual outfit with jewellery, especially rings, it is crucial to not overdo it and ruin the casual. The minimalist chic is classic and looks good at any occasion.


Dainty and classy silver rings never disappoint you at any point in time. Whether you want to use them yourselves or you are planning to gift them to your close ones, ornativa has perfect pieces for you. The pieces are versatile and are good for any occasion.


At ornativa, we believe, magnificent and exceptional jewellery need not come with the heftiest of price tickets. All of our pieces are crafted by our excellent designers to deliver the best to you. Ornativa is all about inexpensive, dainty, élite, one-of-a-kind and standout jewellery pieces.


Each ring we design, it is made up of 100% real 92.5 sterling silver, which is adorned with exquisite crystals from Swarovski, AAAAA Cubic Zircons, freshwater pearls and other semi-precious stones.


Each piece is curated to give you the perfect look and make every occasion ready. Our rings are made in such a way that you can sport it every single day and feel good about it. There are enough reasons to gorge upon our exclusive pieces and relish upon them.





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